Read Your Association

As they always say, the people/friends around you determines who you are. The people in your life or around you has three(3) things to do in your life. They either increase you, decrease you or neutralize you. This is why you need to be careful about your association/relationship with people (mind you, that does not mean you should hate them or run away from them).
Having relationship with wrong people destroys your capability, destroys your future. This is because when wrong people leave your life, wrong things stop happening, when unwanted people leave your life, unwanted things stop happening and what you need to do about them is letting them out of your life. When you let them go, your life will be free again.
God commanded us to love everybody, love is a must but relationship and association with people is by choice, it is a decision you make for yourself. Some people will stand to say, “dear you will not understand, I have a history with this person”. Just because you have a history with somebody, does not mean you have a future with that person.
Know this, anybody that is not making you better that is making you bitter, why wasting your time with such person. Just let them go.
One thing you need to know about wrong association is this, wrong association will kill your dreams, joy, vision, passion and plans. Always say to yourself, “No matter I have a history with somebody, but that does not mean I have a future with him/her.
Even in social media like FACEBOOK, it is not everybody you accept their request, there is always a necessity that you must delete some of the request. In life, destiny, association, you always have the right to invite, delete and terminate because you are forever the CEO of your life.
Let them go.
Let wrong association go.
Let wrong relationship go.
But love everyone as your friend because love is a must.

From: Dynamics Quotes

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