Discover Your Fears And Eliminate Them

We all have fears as a human begin, fear of the unknown, fear of losing people, health, wealth, firm, and most especially the fear of failure. All this fears goes a long way to deter us, it can as well hinder or destroy our lives totally.
Most people are afraid of failing, they only want to become successful all the time, they thought that when they fail, that’s the end of the world or their career in education or business. But know this, If you don’t fail in life, you will never know where your faults or errors are coming from, and will never learn to correct them. To make mistakes or fail in life is an opportunity for you to correct some things in your life. Come to think of it, many of our noble and prominent men in the world today, fail countless times to become successful in life. Someone like Ben Carson and many others. This people witnessed failure and were able to correct the errors that made them to fail.
I was once someone who is afraid to fail in life. This is to say that my worst fear was failure, not including other fears I have as a human being. People are looking up to me, especially my parent and sibling, to make them proud. And that I have been doing from my first year in school till a particular time in life.
It was my last year at high school (secondary school), the time for my final examination was approaching but I had no money to register for it, everything was very hard. My parent had to gather up money by selling firewood and going to some minor works in the farm, in other to gather more money. They succeeded in paying for my examination. I was registered but one night my parent called me, they said to me “son, you have seen how we got you registered for your final year examination, please don’t feel too relaxed make sure you come with a good result as you always do”. Their words alone was painful, I felt it in my spirit then i said within me, what if at last I did not perform as expected what will my parent and siblings say to me, fear griped my whole heart and that led me to pray to God. Each day, I always ask God for His to excel this examination, but not knowing that God wanted to teach me something from all this. students My teachers were so fond of me, to the extent of telling me to make them proud.
I tried to encourage myself in many aspect, I said to myself, “right from your basic school, you have been making people proud by becoming the best student in your class, so it won’t change this time”. I felt a little confident in myself that i’m going to come out in a flying colours. Guess what, after the whole examinations, in not less than 2 months the result was out, I bought a scratch card and checked my score in each subject.
Honestly, when I saw my result, I was at first very happy to scale through some subjects but I felt totally discouraged when I look down to see that the next subject is what I could not get; My Chemistry was nothing to write home about. (Of course, chemistry is one of my best subjects but I’m surprise to fail this particular subject. And With this score I can never enroll into university to study a particular course which I always dream of, (medicine & surgery). I was very much devastated when all these things happened to me, and I was so afraid to tell my parents what has happened, my mother heard from a Friend of mine that the result was out, she called me and said to me, “Joshua, I heard that the result for the examination is out”. I said to her, yes mum but I’m yet to check mine. The whole matter ended there. At night, my mind was not at rest but in all, I summoned courage and the next day I called my parents and siblings together. I told them that I have printed my result, at first they were happy and expecting to hear a great news but I told them that I have failed them, I explained to them the area of my failure. Somehow, they felt disappointed but they gave me courage by advising me in so many way.
In me, I see those advice as to make me strong but instead of being strong, I was just recalling the pains my parents passed through just to register me for that examination. I lean on my mum for strength, which she has always be. But that did not change the fact that I disappointed my family, friends as well as my teachers.
This situations made me question my existence as a human, I wept and cried but that did not change my scores or anything. I asked God so many questions that I don’t deserve to ask Him. I prayed, fasted, waiting for answers to my questions but I never got any.
Then, I decided to move on with my life, to add more beautiful colours to my life, instead of wasting time crying about a problem that can never be fixed.
During the end of that year, registration for the next examination had commenced and I looked at myself and said, “if I kept on waiting till the very day I will get another money to enroll for the examination, it might be too late for me”. I walked up to my parents and said to them I would like to retake the examination for the second time, they were worried and they said to me “Son, you know what we faced in registering you the first time, at least get a job, try get a little money so that we can support you with the little one we have, and the next 2years you can retake another one”. I told them NO and also assured them never to worry about giving me any money, I dropped a word that strengthened my heart, I called them, “Mum, Dad. Don’t worry about me, I will carry the cross for I know whom I have believed, I am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto him against that day”.
For the first time in my life to take such a drastic decision, that changed my life completely. Taking a decision does not matter the amount you have at hand, it does not matter the background you are coming from or your size/stature as a person, the only thing that matters is the faith you have in yourself to accept your fate and to carry out your decisions. My decision was to take up all the cost and pay for my examination, that I did.
I borrowed money from someone and I registered for the examination. To cut the long story short. The next year, I prepared for the examination, after the whole examinations, the result was out again, this time, I took it upon myself never to fear again concerning my result. I bought a scratch and checked my result. This time it not only coming out with flying colours but I was among the best students in my school that did well in the examination.
In all this incident, I came to understand something, God always have better plans for you, even though you may fail in some part of your life and even when you think that all hope is lost and cannot bear the pains it brings. Forget the pains, suffering and troubles it may brings, only lean on God, He will surely come for your rescue. “Failure comes in life, not to destroy the things set but to reshape (correct) the part which bears faults” said by The Josh.
Don’t allow your fears take the best part of you, you are a powerful warrior in the universe. The only thing to do is writing your fears and overcoming them one at a time. My fear is not failure alone but they are many. I overcame them by writing them down, one after the other and eliminate them at once, you can do that also. Know this, “you have a potential to bring light (life) into darkness (world). Never succumb to mediocrity”.
You fears for something kills your passion, love, emotions, vision, dreams, future, it kills your determination, your knowledge but courage supersedes everything. The Josh once said “The fear you have, destroys the hope and determination for things you dream to have”. Guess what, life is filled with pains and turmoils but don’t allow them to control you, BE STRONG.
Discover your fears, fight and eliminate them. The level of eliminating your fears, determine the height of your success. The Josh also said “Fear is a word that triggers the coward to give up and fail but to the brave and courageous, it is a word that stirs up their determination to push forward”.
Life as a world is a battle for the strong and fearless, it all starts from WITHIN.

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